verse 10, 11

Gheranda Samhita

षट्कर्मणा शोधनं च आसनेन भवेदृढम् । मुद्रया स्थिरता चैव प्रत्याहारेण धीरता ||
प्राणायामाल्लाघवं च ध्यानात्प्रत्यक्षमात्मनः । समाधिना निर्लिप्तं च मुक्तिरेव न संशयः ||

Shatkarmanaa shodhanam cha aasanena bhaveddridham |
Mudrayaa sthirataa chaiva pratyaahaarena dheerataa ||
Praanaayaamaallaaghavam cha dhyaanaatpratyakshamaatmanah |
Samaadhinaa nirliptam cha muktireva na samshayah ||

Yog is a way of life

Hey, have you really been doing yoga? Well, think again. Was it just body toning, weight loss exercise, simple philosophy lectures on dos and don’ts, or inhale and exhale sessions without minute intricacies? Yog is a way of life, and you would be lucky to have a yog guru (and not a yoga instructor) to guide you along this yogic journey to seek infinite bliss and a healthy body and mind. Come, be a saadhak and let’s understand yog as an ancient science and philosophy, along with some real advanced aasanas, flawless mudras and mind blowing yogic kriyas based on teachings of Rishi Gheranda's Ghatasthayog. Jai Yogam!

Yogiraj Vinyas & Ghatastha Yog

If yoga was all about aasanas, then every gymnast would have been a yogi. Yog is much more than these body-bending acrobatics and that’s why the real seekers keep coming to Bharata (India), the land of the Himalayas and mystics.

This is what I felt when I met my friend, philosopher and guru, Yogiraj Vinyas. He has been blessed with immense knowledge of yogic aasanas, Mudras, Kriyas and Tantra Yog from his various siddha gurus in the Himalayas and in jungles along banks of river Narmada. Born in 1978 in a small village of Jabalpur and travelled whole of Bharata (India), Yogiraj Vinyas is himself a yoga institution and this vedic journey started at a tender age of 13 when he joined Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Ashram in Jabalpur.

An eminent Sanskrit scholar with a grip on Vedas and Ayurveda, Yogiraj has infused vedic sound techniques in his teachings of kriyas and aasanas. As shankh (conch) is his constant companion, he has developed several mesmerising shankh kriyas. His yog teachings are based on ghatashthayog, a saptang (seven limbs) form of yoga which was taught by Sage Gheranda.

- Sanjay T

Ghatasthayog Activities

What else could be more rejuvenating and re-energising than an intense traditional Ghatasthayog workshop! We believe that everyone needs to inculcate yoga in their daily lives so that everyone becomes emotionally, mentally and physically strong to face life’s challenges head on.

Weekly Yoga Sessions

Under the guidance of Yogiraj Vinyasji, yoga sessions (aasana mudras and kriyas) are held at our centre every morning and evening (Monday to Thursday).

Shankh Club

Our Community organises a conch blowing kriya at its centre every weekend. The mission is to teach the exact methods which have amazing benefits at a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Yoga for Corporate

Yoga for Corporates and their busy teams to de-stress themselves and be happier at home and more productive at work. A three-day workshop or retreat can work wonders and can be life changing.

Yoga for Students

Yoga for students which is not only fun, but along with traditional yoga and Sanskrit chanting, they will be introduced to games which their parents and grandparents used to play.

Ghatasthayog Photos